24 thoughts on “Highlights | Round 4 | Travelers | 2022

  1. That was the most poorly edited anticlimactic highlight reel I’ve ever seen. Tension builds up, they tie, and then we get commentary of the trouble and the bogey? Weak

  2. Doesn't "Worm-Cam" make for a much better telecast?…when the camera is close to the putting green and you can perfectly see the putt rolling.

  3. Much like others said – how do you NOT show Sahith's 18th hole shots? They were bad luck, bad shots, but they defined the round (if not the tournament for him), after his on-fire putts, you need to show what happened as to why he didn't win.

  4. Never checked out your YouTube channel before, and I won’t ever again. What about Theegala’s bunker miscue? You guys suck. I hope you lose everyone to LIV

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  6. If theegala just par'd the last it would have been the first time in history the PGA tour/DP world tour/asian tour all had a playoff on the same weekend🔥

  7. Poor quality highlight video
    Without showing late bogey by Schauffele or the double by Theegala on 18 we lose context of what happened
    See video, "Bubba Watson’s winning highlights from 2010 Travelers" to see a good quality highlight video. This was also made by the PGA TOUR so I'm not picking on them

  8. I feel asleep at the End of the Traveler's Live Telecast so was hoping to see how Theegala lost this Tournament from this Video but to no Avail….nothing….🤔

  9. And golf tv sucks, I'm in New Zealand, every time at 4th round I want to see the nailbiting moments, it's always REPLAY, no live at all. I paid for the ProPass which is the most expensive membership. Are they idiots??? I won't pay for that again.

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