44 thoughts on “Emma Raducanu vs Alison Van Uytvanck | First Round Highlights | Wimbledon 2022

  1. More than long arduous practice sessions maybe she needs a tennis guru for her psychology
    and to stay focus when she is not playing well, her emphasis should be on the mind games…

  2. I like Raducanu and all but I'm pretty sure Van Uytvanck also had some great shots from the first set. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Congratulations to Emma, hope she makes it to the 2nd week.

  3. Great play by Emma. Congrats on the way she dealt with her emotion. She seems confidence and relax in her movement. That gave an advantage to having precise shot

  4. I have the impression that Emma is not a good match against players with strong forehand strokes and strong arm strength battles from the baseline. Those are mostly Russian (including Belarus) and Eastern European players, and Uytbanck and Galcia are not that hard players, so I think we can expect 2R as well.

  5. Suddenly the old Emma of last year is back. She needs to live on the edge more, go for the winner earlier in rallies, and stop going for the slice unless it's really on.

  6. It's quite possible for a woman to only play 14 matches to win the Women's Wimbledon final and 2 million pounds. Men have to play at least 21 matches to win the same amount of money as the women. That's a seriously lopsided ideology.

  7. Man the pressure raducanu was in… The whole court rooting for you… It takes alot to use this to your advantage.. The feeling of not wanting to let thousands of people down can be emotionally and physically draining

  8. absolutely a scintillating victory for Raducanu, gaining her first triumph in the center court was undoubtedly a special moment, seeing her in the center court always makes me excited. I am really blissfull for her second round, wishing herself good luck!

  9. Given her opponents experience and style of play, it was expected to be a tough match for Emma but she handled it well to get clear in two sets. Great confidence booster for her game! Go Emma!

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