38 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic vs Soonwoo Kwon | First Round Highlights | Wimbledon 2022

  1. Novak will show his best from fourth or quarter finals he just practicing 5 set match because he didn't play clear 5 set matches this year after lost AOs participation. he reach first 4th set match ageist rafa in French open last time, he lost his usual fitness and mentality without facing 5 set matches last few months. so its better going this way.

  2. I would say only thing that Djokovic was impressive at this match was his serve he hitted numerous number of aces which I never saw from Djokovic and I don't know seems like Djokovic is in some sort of pressure I saw his practice match with Felix on grass he was playing well but in grand slam his performance dropped

  3. Wimbledon highlighted points won by Kwon far too detailed and skipped to the eventual result very quickly with only a glimpse of Djocko points!

  4. No need to increase speaker volume.
    Hope it’s not too distracting for the players.
    Judging by the plays, they don’t mind.

  5. Novak’s play style has never been a total dominance to win , he is a mind and strategy player rather than a power play to scare and humiliate the opponent , he always is patient and wants to enjoy himself .

  6. Wimbledon channel as part of the anti Novak society regardless of Novak’s great win showed only his opponent winning the points, how Fedal’s mafia could be so much dirty and biased against Novak .

  7. I feel kwon's nervous movements, every time he served for djoko. He needs to train for a stronger mental. No one can lose the match with Kwon at this situation.

  8. Wow 6 time champ and that crowd still rather cheer some nobody player over him. Nothing ever changes 🤦🏻‍♂️ crazy disrespect!

  9. Djokovic is straight through to the final. The only obstacle who could have taken him down, Hurkacz, is gone. The bottom half eased very slightly with the absence of Cilic but it is still brutal with Tsitsi, Shapo, FAA, Berrettini, and Nadal.

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