25 thoughts on “The Kings Drafted The Better Player. | Your Take, Not Mine

  1. Your argument is that Ivey is the better player. But you post no stats, or anything to back it up. Your just picking with emotion cuz the media pumped him up. Your trippin. No basis for your decision. Garbage answer. Honestly nobody knows. Only time will tell

  2. Smh dude, didn’t you say the same thing about the raptors taking Scottie Barnes 4th last year? Give the kings pick a chance to play before you so openly make comments regarding bad picks. Makes you look silly

  3. How are you going to say Ivey is the better player? Maybe he has the better upside star potential. But Murray was clearly the better player in college last season. Bad take on that one.

  4. Sabonis came in at the end of the year. He was supposed to magically put them in the playoffs? 🤡

  5. This dude will eat crow like everyone else. You don't even know Murray's ceiling or if Jaden Ivey will ever reach his. You're just talking out of your ass.

  6. Bro what you talking about? The sabonis trade wasn’t for this season. We had holiday and lyles as our starters and sabonis played 15 games and I think 9 games with fox.
    The team lacked shooting, had gentry and fired luke walton middle of the season. Obviously we aren’t winning. We needed a 4 and got that and yes I wanted Ivey but that upside stuff many players came out at 22 like Duncan, d wade, and siakam.
    The kings need a good 2 guard and start Davion who avg 18-7 to end the season.

  7. The Kings just need some "stability" because talent can only get you so far, I've watched My squad struggle since their Finals collapse… we can get it together! G🏀 KINGS

  8. Kings is the NBAs most disrespected teams its kinda sad for them since i was a kings fan and i just pray that murray will prove them wrong that the kings drafted the best guy in d draft

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