17 thoughts on “Tri State v 3's Company Full Game | BIG3 Season 5 Week 2

  1. I watched the whole game yesterday, but looked this up just for 37:05!!! 😂I hope I'm this cool if I reach Dr.'s age!!!🤣👍🏽,✌🏾🖤✊🏾

  2. I love Beasley but it's a pity how he tries to be cool instead of leaving it all there, if he was more humble and run as fast as he could, played better D, showed consistent effort and a better behavior/attitude he could get back to the NBA. No GM is going to pick him up with that body language and poor effort. I know he does it to act cool and show off like it don't take no effort to be this good, or I don't belong here I belong in the NBA, this BIG3 league is too easy for me… but that ain't it. I wish I could see him play hard, as hard as he can, as if he was playing the NBA Finals, cause that way he may get back to the league. Because HE IS THAT GOOD. Problem always been his attitude and behavior

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