40 thoughts on “Top NBA Free Agents AFTER The NBA Draft | Latest Sixers Free Agency Rumors: James Harden, PJ Tucker

  1. Otto Porter Junior is who the Sixers should be looking at! Not P.J. Tucker! Hopefully, Morey is playing possum.
    Is it true Andre Drummond wants to come back? Great! What chance do we have at getting Kemba Walker? Shore up our second unit and we're set.

  2. IMO, the Sixers should let Thybulle go, if he can’t figure out how to make wide open 3s. Pick up Miles Bridges. You get just as gd if not better defense w/tenacity n capable of hitting 3s and attacking the basket on both ends of the floor. Also pick up Tyus Jones n bring Maxey off the bench.
    You solve shooting, spacing and defense with two guys.
    Bridges energy and his improved shooting and most of all his attitude and WANT to win no matter what will rub off on James Harden. N it’ll help Embid in the playoffs.
    Doc Rivers can get the best outta Bridges n help him be the guy I’m talking about.

  3. Philly needs to a point guard like Kyrie Irving. Kyrie has the ability to make 76ers a championship contender. It would be like as if was back in college.

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