40 thoughts on “Steph Curry’s Biggest Nightmare Is Coming True

  1. I think KD and Kyrie staying in BK is a better team than KD joining Dame. You should look at Dame's numbers. It is all hype..Dame's 3PT% is below average and his D is horrible. Dame is not even at "normal" Kyrie level and I would assume Simmons next year will be better than Grant.

  2. Wait… so Warriors were 3rd seed in West, but tied with 1st seed in East for best reg season record… that means West top 3-5 teams were better than or on par with top East team? And somehow you say the West is weaker?? That makes no sense.

  3. Classic example of the old media Draymond is talking about. Just fishing controversy about how KD is inferior to Steph or whatsoever. No significant content. Even the title does not make sense.🤦🏽

  4. How is the East better then the West? Didn’t the Warriors Dominate the Celtics? Doesn’t that mean the West just Dominated the East?

  5. The Grizzlies are the second best team in the NBA, one Ja layup from beating the Warriors in the Western semi’s.
    I pity the owner of the Nets. He hitched his wagon to Harden and Kyrie, two of the most selfish players in league history. Now he is looking at a team with Anfernee and some draft picks. What a mess.

  6. can someone explain to me how warriors are in trouble when KD and kyrie got swept by a boston celtics team that lost to the warriors in 6 (and if u minus off that game 1 4th quarter where boston popped off and warriors went cold it wld have been in 5)? analysts gotta get this "power ranking" / "how talented the players are individually" out of the way when talking abt contending. absolutely no one, including me ( a warriors fan ), will say gsw is better than boston in terms of individual skills considering age factor, yet that final series wasnt even as close as some of yall thought it was

  7. Dame for his two best seasons in the nba averaged 30 8 4 on 46 40 89 splits and 29 8 4 on 45 39 93 splits, for both seasons had 62-63 true shooting.

    Only 9 guys gave 29 and 8, and dame is the most efficient based on true shooting.,

    He also has two seasons with an offensive rating of 125 and 126, for all players that has averaged 20 only, 10 players had on offensive rating of 125.

    But dame had season where his offensive rating was 126.26, only 4 has surpassed that and dame averages more points and assists on better efficiency.

  8. Lol. This trade package is trash. Anfernee simons ain't it. Sharpe would be the most exciting piece of this trade, but the same reason he fell in the draft is the same reason no teams would consider him as much value currently in a trade. To risky.

  9. KD and Joe Harris to Timberwolves for KAT, DLO and future 1sts (or possibly young talent)

    Nets get to place DLO and KAT with their friend, Ben Simmons… This is their best case scenario for losing KD and Kyrie

    Wolves get to place KD with ANT man along with a well rounded roster of role players. Pat Bev and Joe Harris are excellent vet role players, Naz Reid, Jarred Vanderbilt, and rookie Walker Kessler bring youth to the 4 and 5 position. Jaden McDaniels, Malik Beasley, and Jaylen Nowell as back up wing players hopefully signing Taurean Prince to be back up wing players.

  10. Loll what a joke 😂 worried about Dame and KD by themselves and who?? Can’t win with just 2 players and besides… Dame is not Steph. Not even hating on Dame because I respect him and his skill but a huge reason why Steph and KD worked was personality and unselfishness. I don’t think KD and Dame click quite as well no matter how you spin it

  11. Possible upgrades for next season….

    Warriors: Steph, Klay, Draymond, and Wiggs
    Blazers: KD and Dame
    Clippers: Kawhi and PG13
    Lakers: LBJ, AD, and Kyrie
    Dallas: Luka & Gobert / Ayton

  12. "The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them." —Denis Waitley

  13. Bro you discrediting the current championship run of Golden State Warrior just makes you a hater. 1 – unsubscription and I hope people unsubscribe creators like you for not praising players for their hard-earned title.

  14. If we finally got KD omg. I would be super happy..HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN OURS ANYWAYS! It's destiny! Let's not talk about Greg Oden

  15. This is the DUMBEST vid I've seen in awhile!
    The DUBS TEAM is just getting started! (See Wiseman/Kuninga/Poole)

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