37 thoughts on “Top NBA Free Agents AFTER The NBA Draft | Latest Warriors Free Agency Rumors Ft. Kevon Looney

  1. Deep down in my heart I want our young core to stay and continue a long term window like the spurs had. If we want to get a quick 2 rings and 3 peat. Sadly, we ship out Poole (sign n trade) wiseman, moody and a pick and get Bron. He has a legit 2 year window and I think Him and Steph joining forces needs to happen. Run out Steph, Klay, Dray, Wigz, Bron. Only 2 we need to bring back is GP/Loon. Fill out w vet mins running to Steph/Bron. I wouldn’t sign off on sending kuminga anywhere tho. Too legit to send out as an asset

  2. Looney, GP II & Porter are must re-signs in my mind. Bjelica, who played good playoff defense, could return for a vet minimum deal. Lee may not be back but he is Steph's brother in law so you never know. Toscano-Anderson is most likely gone. Both Baldwin & Rollins will be on the 15 man roster as per Myers. Iggy's retirement decision could open up another roster spot or he will be the 15th man on the roster. I get the feeling that Iggy will play one more season if not he will most likely join the coaching staff. Then add someone on a vet minimum contract like JaVale McGee, Hassan Whiteside, Serge Ibaka, Robin Lopez, Enes Freedom, Meyers Leonard, Damian Jones or DeMarcus Cousins to be the third string center for depth/injuries.

  3. Harden played "a little concerning?!" That's one way to put it. More like wilted like lettuce under a heat lamp. I said it when they declared they were built to beat us: you can't win a championship with that guy on your team. Once they took away his POS foul scoring he ended up where he belonged in the NBA.
    EDIT: So you don't have a single Warrior free agent in your top ten?! And your list includes Dort, Sexton and Nurkic in your top ten? Cmon man.
    2nd Edit: Now I see the rest of your list, I don't know why you call this channel Warrior's today. Cya!

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