38 thoughts on “NBA "Coldest 🥶" MOMENTS

  1. NO EXAGGERATION, James Harden's Rocket's career highlights are better than this ENTIRE VIDEO. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY was Colder than The Beard, damn the Rest.

  2. I think out of all the teams Steph Curry and the warriors played, the most hated was Ja Morant and the dirty grizzlies , when they think they got the warriors down they all happy and stuff after all the dirty plays after all the booty dance done and they still lost cuz that's a tainted team very tainted, they ought to be called Libras cuz when they think they're hurting you they are happy and stuff just checking you out and then when they find out you happy and you the one one and they didn't they all pissed off and all pissy and stuff

  3. The Warriors won the title, this proves they never needed KD"
    "The Celtics got back to the Finals they never needed Garnett"
    "The Miami Heat got to the Finals this proves they never needed Wade"
    Lebron and the Lakers won the Finals in 2020, they never needed Magic Johnson

    Thats how useless that is, a certain team, won, players wind up leaving and eventually teams go back and win again…

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