40 thoughts on “Highest-scoring teams of the season | Premier League | Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea & more

  1. Why harry Maguire goal has not been counted in man United tally😣
    So suck that world best defender goal hasnot been counted according to the man United fan🤧🤣

  2. Chelsea fans, this is where you see the best of the best, the none-overrated. PL youtube knows its stuff. Where's mount messi

  3. Wow top bosses in the Premier don't like facts. Matt Le Tissier got the sack because of facts about covid and not wanting to were the BLM badge.BLM bosses have nice new houses. Premier league what a joke.shame on the Premier league.

  4. That de bruyne assist was something . I never would have expected man city to make a come back like that . It broke my heart as a liverpool fan but city showed heart and desire . And unfortunately , the draws cost us

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