44 thoughts on “Bobby Marks talks what a package for KD could look like 👀 🍿 | NBA Today

  1. I want Kevin Durant trade to Chicago Bulls now Best fit for him
    The Bulls win 6 time world championship
    Are the Bulls looking for 7 8 9 10 championship next years in 2023 .

  2. I don't understand the idea that every team would get involved because KD would need to play there? Wouldn't the same be true for Brooklyn then? If KD requests a trade and Brooklyn would be forced to move him, If he's moved to a team he doesn't want to be traded to wouldn't he just be in the same position he's currently in?

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  4. Kyrie is 30 years old and misses 20-30 games a season. Trade him whole he still has value. Giving the max to an unhealthy and unreliable player doesn’t make any sense. He won’t even be healthy for the playoffs if you make it that far.

  5. Woj talking about how Durant has 4 years left on his deal as if that means he has to play for a team that gets him while forgetting that…Durant has 4 years left on his deal and they're speculating about him forcing his way out of Brooklyn.

  6. Kd should joins team like boston, bucks, or Miami. It's unlikely that he will has another final appearance otherwise. He is a good "icing on the cakes" type of player after all

  7. Kevin Durant just want to play Basketball. New York Knicks was his first team choice after he choose to leave Fraud State Warriors, but the team didn’t want to risk signing him to his Achilles injury. Trade him to the New York Knicks for Julius Randle + Cam Reddish + Multiple 1st Round Draft Picks.

  8. If you switch out tatum for KD ..Boston beats the warriors..Tatum has to go..if I am the owner of Boston and I really want Kd..I get rid of Tatum and keep everyone else..and up all of the first round draft picks too..to close the deal..

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