44 thoughts on “ARGENTINA vs. NETHERLANDS – Highlights | Women's Volleyball World Cup 2019

  1. Both teams played better than indian volleyball men team ….
    But in cricket 15 years old children cricket team can beat both country…. In my country there is more cricketers than whole Netherlands population…..

  2. آلُلَُّـہِــم❣️صٍَلُِّ ۆَﺳَ̭͠ـــلُِّم❣️ۆَبَْآرِگّْ علُﮯ❣️نَْبِْيَِّنَْـــآ مُحٍمَّدِ ۆِعلُﮯأّلَُـﮧِ ۆِصٌٍحٌٍبِْـﮧِ أّجٍِمَعٌيَِّنْﷺِ

  3. I’m not a fan of sports at all but I recently started watching haikyu.. I checked out the men’s volleyball first but i didnt quite like it.. It was too fast and too strong just like a battlefield.. I feel like most people that watch sports like it because it resembles war.. (not the destruction but the competition) I saw a few comments on it saying women’s volleyball wasn’t as interesting and i think it would be safe to say that yes biologically men are stronger than women so i decided to check it out and i feel like this pace suits me better.. The speed isnt as fast.. The movements aren’t as strong but i love it..I wasn’t able to understand much in the men’s match ofc ur opinion might differ but i feel like women’s sports could indulge people who dont like sports in them☺️❤️I think i might actually start following women’s volleyball from now.. Thank you for this video❤️ although just a suggestion could we get 1080p please😭? I saw the men’s match and it was in 720p so ig its not a budget thing.. Anyway Thanks!

  4. Euphoria 💅.My Felicitation to Netherland and Argentina enticing out fit volleyball players.I love unconditionally both the mastery coachers and distance is not killing me and warmly hug you all.The players both are having radiance,sobriety,no snappishness,charismatic,gravitating the sports lovers mind,mystify,bustle are all gratification mysteriously.I never come across such a talented players without wavering mind.This colourful video honestly touched my heart.God blessed you for sharing this to the world 🙏.

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