49 thoughts on “Bill Burr on the NBA Being Rigged & Becoming the First Comedian Ever to Perform at Fenway Park

  1. Hhahaha. Bill makes people's old grandpa appear to be young. That dude cracks me up. I listened to the tower and watched planes.

  2. I gave this video an upvote, but not for the channel or for passive-agressive-host-Kimmel, but for Burr's annihilation of every pathetic burn attempt that was thrown at him.

  3. Billy Red Pubes at Fenway Park?! He directed a movie, too?! Damn, Chappelle was right 20 years ago, when he told Bill that his way of handling show bizz is gonna take a longer while until he's famous, but it will definitely happen.

  4. Some TV or streaming network needs to give Bill Burr his own show!!!
    People would be scared to be interviewed by him and it would be beautiful to watch 😂

  5. Not a fan of Kimmel as a liberal puppet. Burr is right, pro sports are all rigged. It's all entertainment, and billions of dollars are moving.

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