50 thoughts on “NBA Legends And Players Explain Why Michael Jordan Would Destroy Today's NBA

  1. What most people don’t realize about Jordan‘s offensive output— magnificent as it was— The triangle offense actually slowed it down… he came in full tilt… The question was: Do you want to win scoring titles or do you want to win championships…

  2. Jordan was lacing everything in hand check era. So with not as much defensive pressure thats at leaat +5. Then more energy from playing less defense too. As the league does today. +7 minimum. I say 50!

  3. 50+ ppg in todays game easy..no question.. sheer passion and competitive spirit is unmatched..
    I was in my little attic bedroom as a kid watching him play growing up in the 90's..reaching out of my bedroom window and trying to turn the antenna to get the TV picture to come into focus.. witnessing it all unfold "live".. definitely an experience that I consider a gem of my childhood.. wish I could go back to those moments as a young child.. . .
    Definitely one of my all-time heroes.. so thankful that I was able to witness such a brilliant artist/competitor.

  4. I’m sorry MJ wouldn’t dominate in todays game. They players nowadays are elite players. Back then not everybody was as good, so there were players who stook out. Nowadays everyone is basically above good

  5. 45 to 50 easily and no hand checking easily. No comparison between MJ and LeBron non💯💪🏽

  6. Jordan is fantastic . But lets also compare Pistol Pete who's college average of over 44 points per game ! without the 3 pointer …will never be broken … Doctor J got training from Pistol Pete

  7. To me, the most important numbers came from KD. This is a man who's sat at the top of the hill in THIS ERA, not 10-15-20 years ago, and even he says Jordan would average 40. So say what you want about the older player's opinions, you have the observation of one of the best scorers in today's game co-signing on the numbers.

  8. Bird, Magic, Duncan, all these guys would dominate. Legands can play in any era💪. MJ the 🐐 though. Only one I know who can float longer than that is the Son of Man😇

  9. As annoying as he was for me, being Seattle Super Sonics fan with GP and Kemp all those years. It was pure pleasure and joy to watch MJ play. He is by far the best NBA player of all time in my opinion. In today's game his 37 ppg would be around 45 ppg easy. There is absolutely no defense, you can''t put hands on a player, everything is foul. He would score 45 in playoffs against best teams. Playing bottom league team we would see him getting 50-60 in a single game.

  10. I love MJ but he is not my favorite player of all time i think he is the best at his position but if he was in todays game he would score but in todays game there are a lit more players that is athletic as him I'm not going say he would average 50 or 40 points a game because we just don't know but he would be able to rack up points and i don't like when they say today's players wouldn't be able to play in MJ's era i think there are a whole bunch of todays players that could play in that era they would be playing in it and use to the physical play style plus todays players are way more athletic than the players back then.

  11. No doubt, there would be nights where Jordan would have 40… at the half.

    Heck, Jordan used to ask who was guarding him, then tell the opponent how much he'll drop that night. And do it! (I think he once said "who guarding me? Him? 50. I'm gonna score 50." He finished the night with 54.)

  12. How do you “have” to have the 3ball for Mike to get to 40, when he had a 37.1 ppg average with less than one 3pt attempt per game, and in this league where the rules were changed to allow more scoring???

  13. I like LeBron, I'm from OH and he seems like a good and genuine dude. Mike seems like a cunt so I would want my kid's to look up to Bron before MJ but why is this still a subject?
    Michael Jordan is better than LeBron. Maybe not longevity but rules and science have changed so it's MJ. Bron won't take the lead enough but can run shit like a general with or without a good coach.
    Kareem, Russell, Chamberlain, possibly Kobe which was another version of Mike could also be considered the best ever but I watched MJ coming up and have watched LeBron.

    It's Jordan, it's Jordan, it's fuckin Jordan!

  14. In todays game with prime MJ, for me his average in score will be 40-60 points. And 70-100 is a bonus. Maybe abdul place 2nd in NBA leading scoring of all time😄

  15. a huge add on for the Jordan to the free throw than Harden….Jordan’s free throws would most likely be all and one’s so a 3 point play, so maybe everyone saying he hits more 3’s he probably wouldn’t have to and still play his style of mid range and dunks/lay ups…….dammmmn 48.7pts a game average I’d say which pretty much says he’d hit 50 points in most 82 games

  16. Instead of people giving their opinions. It can actually be worked out statistically what Jordan would average in today's era by comparing his average versus what the league was averaging in the same period (e.g. between 1990 – 1999). Compare that to what the league is averaging today (e.g. between 2010 – 2019; I would suggest up to pre-COVID cos COVID could have had influencing factors on the game/scoring ??)

    Anyways, comparing what the league was averaging in Jordan's era versus today, could be used determine what Jordan would average today.

    I'm not a statistician and this is a very crude way to compare; but it is a start…

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