8 thoughts on “Exeter v Worcester – HIGHLIGHTS | A Comeback Seals Narrow Win ! | Premiership Cup 2021/22

  1. How are we meant to understand that it is a narrow and tight game when we don't know how long is left of the match? No commentary is one thing, but the lack of any clock makes these kind of games borderline unwatchable in the from of highlights. What lead to the penalties for Exeter to score from? was it due to pressure from Worcester or just a stupid individual mistake? The standard of these highlights lately has been very poor, I expect more from the official channel. It's quite literally making me want to unsubscribe and just read a match report instead as I would probably gain more from that

  2. Unimpressive content again. No commentary. No clock. Although the title didn't give the result away for a change (!) , it was pretty hopeless wording 'a comeback victory seals narrow win' Eh?

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