46 thoughts on “Driver Basics For Longer Straighter Golf Shots

  1. I like the idea of playing with extremes. It's just as important to know what "bad" feels like and to be able to purposely do it, as it is to know "good"

  2. Clay, you are one of the best golf instructors on YouTube. I played golf on and off for many years without noticeable improvement until I found your channel. After watching your instructions, I can hit irons really solid using the techniques you taught. I am currently working on driver swing. Now I only watch your channel exclusively.

  3. Just started getting into golf and I absolutely love it but I’m still very much so a beginner. I hit the ball relatively straight with good exit velocity at about 130 mph. With that speed I’m only shooting about 230-240 yards. What can I do to get more distance?

  4. Great Video, Clay . Can you also make a video on the distance b/w the golfer and the tee. Most of what you covered today have solved a lot of my issues with the Driver but I am still struggling to figure out how far I should stand to take the position ?

  5. WOW this really helped me! I was aiming further and further left and my clubs head were getting bigger and bigger in choice! I'm hitting straighter than ever!!

  6. THANK YOU!! I am 79 years old and just now getting into Golf. The "why" is, I was asked to by my wife, who got started a few years ago. She's 15 years younger. Your instruction and teaching techniques, are simply the BEST! You have saved a lot of my Lawn :)) and kept me trying to please my wife, along with actually starting to enjoy this game a little bit. Thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge. Ken Brandt, Kona Hawaii

  7. You look at Tiger woods, you look at blah blah!! You and most golf instructors assume people just know about keeping their center of gravity (legs) stable and in line. If instructors stopped focusing on how to get more distance, more people would be enjoying the game.

  8. My dude I wish I watched this before I went to the range instead of after. Went to the backyard and my swing with a driver felt 100x more comfortable with your tips. Cant wait to get back out there

  9. I’m going to top golf for the first time today and I just play baseball lol so I’m in serious need of help cause I know golf is hard and people that play it are talented

  10. Thank you so much for showing how to turn left/right when swing use driver, to get a better and more straighter hit on the ball! It helped me alot already on my first tries, so I do that all the time now and I have so much power in my swing too! I can tell u all watching this, TRY IT and find your own swing! Cuz its like cooking..you try different things and finally you will find what works for you!

  11. Its so easy to forget to hold that leg and release later through cause its such a weird feeling. I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting the follow through motion pros have when I was releasing early and pulling across at the end

  12. More and more I'm seeing the overlap with a good baseball/softball bat swing… the mechanics of power and consistency are the same.

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