41 thoughts on “Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Full Game 2 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

  1. Every play I am watching is basketball players watching other basketball players shoot. Play some defense. I compare the NBA product right now to Lebron and Harden. That's how everyone plays. I'm sure the 50s all star team would woop today's all stars. No toughness and defense. Sure use a 3pt line but back to the 50s home court. Today's players just want money and no defense. Spoiled black athletes. Respect the ones who came before you

  2. They deserved the win but as a bucks fan I’m confident that bucks will win in 5 or 6, that depends on the next game: the only thing that decided this game was the 40+ 3pt% from the celtics and the less than 18% 3pt percentage from the bucks… Boston moved the ball around good but let’s say both teams were even on the 3pt percentage: the bucks would’ve taken this game Eazy, but this game shows anything can happen, still bucks are a way better team

  3. Big, well deserved win for the Cs. I'd like to give another perspective though. No one doubts Giannis ability to focus on the goal. The goal was to secure home advantage, it now becomes irrefutable. Giannis is a respectful kid, would hate to sweep the historic Cs. They have a significant fanbase in Greece, disproportionate to Cs' incosequent status for decades. One win allowed is ample show of respect in my book. I believe in Giannis's as well. Go Bucks.

  4. Coaching and the system of Boston is incredible. If you watched game 1 to us normal fans it really felt like Bucks had their number and had them figured out. They came out here without their DPOY and let everyone know Bucks ain’t figured anything out. This is a fair series and a strong matchup all the way through.

  5. boston fans think they won the championship after this game … we all knew bucks was gonna lose …they just needed the one win on the road

  6. I'll just say this. For how well the Celtics shooting went tonight, ending with 109 isn't going to cut it. Bucks just had a bad shooting night just like how Celtics had one in game 1. If Bucks bounce back in game 3, 109 is definitely going to lose the game.

  7. Bruuuh you really have to put that stupid intro in every video? You could at least turn the volume down to the same level as the actual highlights video. Just saying man it doesn't make sense to have the intro music volume at 200 and have the volume for the highlights at 50.

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