45 thoughts on “Inside Guys React To Steph Curry Leading Warriors Game 2 Comeback Against Mavs | NBA on TNT

  1. Does anyone miss basketball?Every team plays exactly the same. Curry is a amazing shooter. All it is anymore is a 3pt contest. This isn't basketball. Anyone under 35-40 has never seen real basketball.

  2. Draymond owes Steve Kerr an apology for blaming him last season. Kerr is great at developing talent and getting players to play within their roles.

  3. Dallas came in touting their small ball line up.” But with bigger guys” lol naw Kerr called def con 3 and ruined their battle ship. Dallas was already tired and warriors blitz them mid way into the third. They wasn’t ready and it showed

  4. A bunch of Mavs fans in our section left mid-way through the 4th, they knew it was over. I'll chalk it up to them wanting to beat the traffic considering the Giants were playing just up the street.

  5. Warriors showed what happens when you weather the storm and make adjustments. This is what the Suns couldn’t do. They gave up after the first quarter and the warriors could’ve and just said we gonna head to Dallas but they’re well equipped for moments like that.

  6. @6:13 Shaq speaking the truth. Every NBA team is living and dying by the 3. Kinda lame to watch really…dodging wide open layups to kick out for a 3 pointer…and I'm a natural shooter…just lame basketball now days.

  7. "Warriors are just light years ahead of the league", J. Lacob.
    Kerr made the adjustment of going into the paint in the 2nd half because the outside game was not working the first 2 qtrs.. The Maves were primed to guard the perimeter, then got bombed in the paint! Inside-outside game: how do you defend a team capable of both?
    Warriors have players at each position that brings something different to the table each game.
    The bb IQ of the team is incredible!
    Isaiah Thomas pointed out a very important key to the Dub's victory: the lack of clock management by the Mavericks back court. I anticipate that if Dallas tries to slow down the flow of game 3, Warriors will run and disrupt tha Mav's game plan.

  8. Charles always praising and making excuses for whytes. Be also has his whyte daughter and whyte granchild. Growing up in Alabama kept that boy in line!

  9. Lets face it, Poole takes the best things from everyplayer
    – Shooting from curry, Klay
    – handles remind me of Kyrie and steph
    -Playmaking is slowing coming in from Dray
    -And finishing is reminding me of Curry and kyrie
    – superspeed
    Only thing holding him back is just is youth, but once he gets older he gonna stop making those rookie mistakes

  10. Dallas running the Lebron offense, drive and kick and Luka playing through screens and switches. We all saw what that got Lebron agaisnt the warriors

  11. Luka only 23 yrs old. The only one that can play on the same level in same age bracket is zion, but with his injuries, he's possibly a bust.

  12. Stephen curry's confidence boldness and his attitude are giving a high spirit to his team..this is what you need a leader..a leader who can give you a light when you are facing the crisis

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