40 thoughts on “Tournament Highlights | LIV Golf Invitational Portland

  1. I really like the LIV broadcast ~ individual and team format is/was fun to watch! I will be watching their tournaments along with the PGA(not like the John Deere) and of course the Majors where ALL players are allowed to compete!

  2. It’s remarkable that the week after the first Liv golf event at the Centurion course, the same course hosted the Aramco series event for women. That event mirrored the Liv event in almost every way (apart from the prize fund, which was $1million rather than $25 million). That series has been running since 2020. The series is sponsored by exactly the same source as the Liv tour!! How come we never hear any of the same comments about Aramco.? 🤔 I think there are a lot of double standards floating around!

  3. LIV is coming in hot and I will definitely be attending when they come to Arizona… one thing though, the ettiquete of golf has some of the dumbest things… but do we really need 15 drunk hillbillys in the gallery saying "get in the hole" every shot?

  4. It's going to continue to grow. It's nice to see another format. The team names are horrible though. They gotta figure something else out. Super corny.

  5. LIV Tour is so awesome and the atmosphere is electric! The crowds are amazing!!! I couldn't stop watching!!! Thank you Greg Norman and Saudi Arabia!!! America needed this! 💖💖💖 pga tour and LIV tour can coexist!!! This is what made America great… competition and free market!!!

  6. The quality of the shots coming down to the final holes were incredible. Reed came out from nowhere and shot himself to 3rd
    , Ortiz was amazing hanging with DJ but Grace made the shots he needed toward the final 9 to win. Its way more entertaining to watch now and only 3 days is perfect. Team format made the others play for a better score to get a place. Its a new era of golf and certainly made it more interesting.

  7. Can you guys post the start times in your event pages doesn’t say anything about tee times or when the gates open for the NJ event

  8. Forget the money, who’s playing, where they’re playing…allow players to move the ball out of divots in the fairway on Liv tour….they will all come 😈

  9. I literally clapped and shouted when Branden made that chip on the 16th. Same thing when Carlos made the long putt on the 18th. Amazing golf. Everything about #Livgolf is better than the PGA Tour. Can't wait for the next event. Thank you Greg Norman!

  10. This is the most exciting sports event ever in the history of sport. I have never witnessed such drama, such raw exhilaration and extreme talent. wow o wow .


  11. That was actually really compelling viewing.
    The shots kept coming thick and fast because it was the shotgun start.
    And moving up and down that leaderboard was interesting.
    Coming down to the last hole was great viewing.
    Players should start wearing something that identifies their teams though. Caps, Logos on their shirts or something. That'd be great.

  12. Over 100k viewed this event live on YouTube for Saturday's final round. I was Totally engaged for all 3 rounds. I'm thinking they need to add a 4th round because I wanted to see more, lol.

  13. I didn't have much faith in LIV at first, but if they keep up with the level of improvements from the first tournament to the second tournament I will continue to watch. I used to be completely on board with the PGA, but the LIV format lends itself very well to exciting play and is much more watchable than an eight hour PGA tournament.

  14. It's still GOLF! How is this anymore exciting? Just more $$$ that I can't win. If the green had multiple flags with different size holes and they had to call their shots, and these would be worth more points based on degree of difficulty…maybe it's d be more EXCITING! STILL BORING!

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