46 thoughts on “LIV Golf Just Offered Tiger Woods An INSANE Amount Of Money..

  1. In all fairness the PGA could have created some benefits for players from the millions generated from TV, merchandising and advertising. Especially for those who are not in the top 10 or 15; such as a pension fund and / or some revenue sharing. Ironically, the lower ranked players didn't get offers from LIV Golf obviouisly. But maybe this will change the ways of the PGA for pay equity

  2. Phil gambled away a fortune and is kinda on the downside of his career. He has been playing on the senior tour and won a few there I believe. If I’m wrong please let me know .

  3. Tiger doesn’t need another 250 million!! He is already a billionaire thru his hard work and wins and endorsements!!! And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care cause his legacy in the game is more important to him. Just my opinion guys, not looking to get into a debate!!😎💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️ happy and safe 4th of July to everyone

  4. Couple things here. One he is not the best player ever he is second. Two…..who cares Tiger is done winning forever as is a bunch of the guys who went to Liv

  5. He has so much money that he can't he bought. After ruining his reputation and body, and rehabilitating them, he's not going to toss it all away. His playing days are over: what he'll live out his life on his legacy. After Jack croaks, he'll be the world's greatest living golfer, and he wants to enjoy it.

  6. Tiger woods – what is more important
    …….trust or money? Trust ya…..just remember …who give him the burger / h2o when he needed most……he is what he had now….!!!

  7. Given Tiger's health the LIV format maybe greatly beneficial to his health and extend his career in golf. Why can't the tours co-exist?

  8. The LIV tour is not golf. It is a rest home for over the hill pros. And a pot of gold for greedy grumpy phonies like Koepka, Reed and DJ.

  9. Thank you Zach Johnson and Fred Couples and all the other golfers coming out against liv. Liv = Anti American traitors.

  10. Tiger never played golf for money. You could have offered him a billion and he still would have said no. He plays the game because he loves it first and foremost.

  11. I was a big golf Channel fan right from the beginning when I think it was Peter Kessler was the host. And I got immersed in the history of the game. Like young Tom and old Tom Morris I think was the last name and guys like Hogan and Snead and Nicholas and player and Palmer. This was my golfing education. And I'll get to the point I'm going to make real quickly right now. I wouldn't give Greg Norman five lousy freaking cents to watch any of his Liv golf League. He never came on the golf Channel he never supported the PGA tour after retired. He made a fortune out there and now he bites the hand that fed him. Don't watch the liv golf tournament don't pay any attention to it it's backed by Saudis who are cutthroat sons of bs and all they're doing is sports washing their money.#no time for Norman.

  12. Saudi's desperately trying to be look contemporary, hip and mainstream. All a facade for what is a corrupt and garbage society

  13. This how I see it!
    Phil will sell his soul to the highest bidder!
    DJ he’s done, he never win another major!
    Sergio he should leave long time ago!
    Bryson, too bad! I almost change my mind about him he just a Freakshow!
    Brooke is all about him and he Realize that he will never win a major again!
    Patrick too many bad moments in PGA tournament!
    The good News is new and Young Golfers will replace them in no time!

  14. Tiger owns a private jet, yacht, his own Island, his private golf course etc. I'm thinking he's doing fine and doesn't need the LIV cash to get by.

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