26 thoughts on “Steph's Best Plays From The 2022 NBA Finals 🏆

  1. You know when Steph is shouting after a tough three at the 1st quarter you better get a popcorn because his gonna put on a show. You rarely see Steph show emotion but when he do, you are in big trouble.

  2. They saying he changed the basket game, now is nba fun boring,no defense you can't no guarded like in the 90 or 80,if Detroit pistons were there now curry will be broken in 4 and cry like a baby, good old times 😀

  3. very boring. the most wrong point in basketball is the 1 point difference between 2-3 meters difference. who can watch this over and over again? u must be insane to join that boring play. just reduce 3 points by 0.5 than u will see what happens. it makes no sense to give 3 points and kill the game and the astethics. soon or later it will be an issue.

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