26 thoughts on “London Irish v Harlequins – HIGHLIGHTS | The Irish Take the Derby Spoils! | Premiership Cup 2021/22

  1. Mate honestly, the guy who creates these I know you're being told what to do., you're being told to cut the commentary. How can you work under these conditions? Quit. Never work for them again.

  2. I liked it without commentary. Peaceful. Still wondering what is going through the minds of the people who prepare, and post, such a poor highlight package that gives away the result in the thumbnail. Was it a grade school project? Bring your six year old to work day?

  3. Please stop putting a spoiler in the title! If I don’t know the result and want to watch the highlights, it ruins it if you telegraph the result in the video title!

  4. 0:18 That lineout was mint! So many dummy jumpers and the way they dragged in defenders by pretending to form a maul but still keeping their jumper in the air long enough to pass to the no.8. So impressed!

  5. Spoiler alert – this comment is a complaint. It would be really good for your followers to watch these highlights WITHOUT knowing the result when they read the title. Where is the commentary? Where is the clock? Where is the ref mic?

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