25 thoughts on “Round 2 Highlights | United States Women's Disc Golf Championships

  1. It is so WONDERFUL,GREAT,EXCEPTIONAL,FANTASTIC,EXCITING,to see the Women Division exploding and growing,finally 90 + YEAH,keep EXPANDING!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Again…why are the highlights so well put together then once again at the end they just cut the post commentary off mid-sentence/thought. Why do they do this every video??

  3. As I said to myself yesterday while watching the live coverage, Maria is going to be a great player after a little more time traveling and playing. She has great form, has some good distance and a great putt. Come on Maria, take this W. I'll be rooting for u

  4. Seems like the real separation this week will be the short game and hitting lines. Happy that they didnโ€™t make every hole 600+ to give all the big throwers a huge advantage. What happen to Holyn? She was on the Jomez Practice coverage but isnโ€™t playing?

  5. Maria killed it today! Hey DGPT, when are you going to bring back live commenting for FPO events? Pretty sexist that you only allow fan engagement with the MPO.

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