28 thoughts on “London Irish v Worcester – HIGHLIGHTS | A Brace for Agustin Creevy! | Gallagher Premiership 2021/22

  1. Soft red Id say, he got the timeing wrong an the tackler gets a fore arm in the face. As for the commentator saying its an elbow ffs. Games going soft!

  2. It is nice to see Argentinians scoring the first four tries. Rugby is stuck in the country, and having our players playing in competitive leagues like this helps a lot 🙌🏼

  3. Weak red! If VDM doesn't fend late it would prob be a yellow to the tackler for going so high and risking head on head. World rugby said that they wanted to put the responsibility on the tackler but don't think that was the case this time around. VDM still went high so its a pen but if you compare it to Bashams tackle late in the Scotland vs Wales game its a similar case – hit to the head but not enough force. Not sure how the international one is a just a pen (not even a yellow) but at this level its a red? Got to sort this out before the club game mirrors last years 6 nations (which no one wants to see again!).

  4. For me that's a harsh red. And that's because I thought the whole shtick of world rugby was putting the responsibility of a safe tackle on the tackler. In this case Kyle Rowe comes into the tackle completely upright and he gets hurt, if he had good tackle technique then he would have been fine. Duhan gets his fend out late and thats why his forearm hits Rowe in the head. I don't feel like the officials took the unsafe technique from Rowe into account when making this decision. Should have been a yellow for Duhan imo. They always talk about starting at red and bringing it down with mitigation, there's quite an obvious mitigation here that they've just ignored

  5. I think referees and third-rate pundits prefer red cards to tries these days. Protecting players is one thing but some of these “full time professional” refs are under the impression that thousands have turned up just to see them blow a whistle.

  6. que lindo che!!!! 4 trys argentinos! Crevy esta en un nivel alucinante… me parece que Cinti inclusive no lo dejo apoyar al contrario en el ingoal

  7. I mean that's kinda Rowe's fault though, he should be much lower that's an upright 6 foot 3 inches tall DVM no real excuse to not go for the legs. The media getting on like it was a random elbow not in the phase of play – like genge on sexton or something – is a joke too

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