49 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics Full Game 1 Highlights 4th QTR | 2022 NBA Finals

  1. The warriors defense is behind the ball never proactive they're like a cat chasing a mouse dude grab it anticipate intercept you know what I mean you're just running around 😭😭

  2. ?Questions? Overall, didn't the Boston Celtics have better ball rotation and movement from one player to the other player? Other than the Primary/Big-Four' players on each team, wasn't Boston's Secondary/Reserve players more active? Can't the ( premature) feeling of "We've Got This" because of playing at your 'home-court' work against your team as opposed to actually being an advantage? Does Boston's new coach, Ime Udoka show some positive 'upbringing'/well taught lessons from his prior working with Gregg Popovich?

  3. Lol this editing had me thinking brown from the Celtics is Steve Kerr son… 😆 I was like brown Goin crazy on court scoring spazzin on his dad what a great rivalry hahaha…smh you tube editing gotta love itt…

  4. Warriors have the game away you can clearly see that but we can’t play like this next game we win at Boston next . Poole I don’t know going on Wiggins draymond Otto you guys need to step up defense kerrr need to put in Gary Payton kuminga bajec I don’t know what Kerr thinking sometime

  5. Total dependency on curry alert the flow of basket to him and so the Boston got to guard curry or the ring….. point from the paint needed for warrior. LET'S GO WARRIOR.

  6. Congratulations Boston Celtics whether you win or lose, I have still your moral support. Never underestimate the inexperienced one because they have the guts to learn the way how to win the game. good job boston.. see you again in the next play

  7. No.10 Sideline Ref needs to be checked.

    5:13 This bad call by the ref put off GSWs rhythm. If that was a made basket it'll put Warriors within 9 with 2mins left to play, and could have been an entirely different story.

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