47 thoughts on “Team LeBron vs Team Durant Full Game Highlights | 2022 NBA All Star Game

  1. Team Durant were good they had Karl Anthony, Camelo,Trae, Tatum, Ja morant even thou I wanted Giannis in that team and Luca. Trae and Luka would make great team

  2. NBA please go back to the original format All stars East vs West conference game, you already had Jordan vs Magic the greatest basketball players in history, those crying babies now are not the NBA owners. No wonder why you have lost a lot of audience…

  3. Cute game, but I guess pride means nothing anymore? Is winning not worth it for the sake of winning alone? Modern players w the mindset of “The old eras beat each other up, that’s no skill ball and we’re too smart for that now”…that’s called competitive fire, domination and pride, and playing w a desire to WIN, the only way to respect the game. Life is risky, so stop w the “but what if they get hurt?!” bullshit. It’s a sport, a game, it’s inherently meaningless and is only made meaningful by players who give it their all every second they play. If I want “fun” ball I’ll go to my local court. I want to see the greatest players duke it out for this ONE GAME and I know I’m not alone. This shit is cute and flashy, but that’s about it.

  4. Wow.. This is actually pretty boring game… There's no defense at all…. What's the concept of NBA All stars by the way? >__<….. . . Just showing offense ability? << I really am questioning this. Not to do sarcasm. I just see 2 nba all stars, and both of them are really boring….

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