31 thoughts on “Warriors win 2022 NBA Finals vs. Celtics, Steph Curry awarded Finals MVP | NBA | UNDISPUTED

  1. Shame on the NBA for making vaccination into a soap opera storyline. That's each individual player's right to choose and it's illegal to publicize a person's private medical decisions. It's called Doctor Patient Confidentiality. There are many laws about the privacy of medical records. Shame on them! Once corrupt people in power take away your physical autonomy over your body, it's game over. It doesn't matter if they do it through the government, or they do it through corporations not letting you work. Both are completely immoral. We know big corporations are in bed with the government anyway, so they can claim its about worker safety, but really it's just the government. I mean, since when they care about our safety anyway, on the real? That tells you what it's really about. Kyrie is a clown that they love to focus on because it makes all of us look stupid by proximity, but clown or not, it's his decision and shame on the NBA and anyone who supports them trying to spin this issue.

  2. Evansville is the only person on this Earth that hates Steph Curry even if you not A Warrior's fan you just have to love Steph Curry get the type of person that will make you unsubscribe to the podcast🤔

  3. It's amazing what you can get away with pandering for ratings as a white man. Hollins tried that and lasted 2 weeks.

  4. SKIP is the other HATER like KENDRICK PERKINS, NICK, & more GSW HATERS!!!
    "WHAT THEY GONNA SAY NOW?"…Steph Curry #30
    "SHUT UP!"… Draymond Green #23
    Repeat Championship 🏆🏀 🌉 next year 2023

  5. When is MJ & Bron debate I listen to skip but when it's about Stephen Curry I will SKIP my Skip reactions forever ! He's not worth listening to ! This negativity to Steph and the GSW is ridiculous !… So I'MA SKIP Bayless every time he talks about Stephen Curry. Period 💀

  6. If you lose in the finals you're frauds? Come on they won twice against golden state. For me the frauds are the nets they're the favorites to win the chip but got swept by boston who you called frauds. HAHAHA

  7. curry moved from 15 to 13 to me Hes not top 10 and I'm not explaining why because fans defend players for a lot of things but accolade and stat wise Hes just not top 10

  8. Same ol playbook by skip. Nitpick a player over and over every game and when said player finally accomplishes everything, answers all questions and leaves no doubt… The opposition was flawed! Smh he's a fake analyst. Real analysts can prove points without being bias.

  9. Skip getting emotional because he knows there's nothin he can say now. He already sounding ridiculous. Like steph said "what they gunna say now?" 😂 I love it! Haters keep on hating baby!

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