47 thoughts on “Watch Warriors' 2022 NBA championship parade in San Francisco | Full Parade | NBC Sports Bay Area

  1. When will smartphones be banned from such events??? This ceremony is f*** pathetic on the moment due to jerks thinking of the number of likes to come on social media… The concerts are f*** lame because of smartphones and people filming instead of cheering… Just ban the damn thing!!! (And I'm a Celtics fan…)

  2. We are like the Spurs dynasty on steroids, as it looks like our core 3 HOFers will spend their whole career here. Doubt we ever see that again in the league. Crazy there is also a great young core already on the roster learning the ropes too!

    Think about it this way, GS has built a great young core like OKC, Det, Hou in place while still winning rings. It’s funny all those talking heads out there were saying trade all of them, but if they had just looked at what the Myers did right after drafting Kuminga, Moody they would’ve seen that wasn’t happening. During that summer he hired a great player developing (PD) head coach in Kenny Atkinson as an asst, signed away an asst coach from one of the best PD franchises in Toronto, and signing the coach from overseas who coached up Jokic. Window is open for the next 10+ yrs. Welcome back to the Warriors Invitational!!

  3. They got money for parades and the cops dont have a problem protecting there but when it comes to citizens and all the lawlessness going on in SF they do nothing. If I owned that team I wouldn't have that paradeI would instead give all those resources to try to fix the homeless situation. Enjoy your parades but the way America is looking it might be the last one.

  4. Jordan one of if not the Greatest to play the game, however bruh, you could take some pointers from Steve Kerr. Though he is not a owner he knows how to relate to the players and the entire organization.🤔

  5. The Warriors should reward whoever finds Captain Klay's NBA Champions hat that tragically was lost at sea and personally returns it to Klay Thompson with free Warriors merchandise,signed memorabilia,tickets,and a private tour of The Chase Center arena

  6. Thanks facebook for speaking for me but now mention something like the warriors as a team will be fine next season with james wisman on board also that 6-6 power forward from the g-legue that athlete is a great slam dunker if he enters the slam dunk contest he will win his between the legs alley-oop 3-60 will be totally bananas Alex with the prediction.

  7. I attented the parade I haven't seen the players yet but the fans there the real players I observed that the warriors looked very explosive seth curry with his handles withe ball yeah is that real or just t.v effects?alex41years old and still feeling like chris warriors 1994 open practice yes sir.

  8. 1:22:44 so cringe smh
    (Edit) look at Iggy and the other guy's face 🤣🤣
    (Edit#2) this dude doesn't even know how long these guys have been on the team smh he knows nothing about the team, just the championship lol

  9. Amazing group of guys and management. Love that mayor she should have hosted this that definitely hate on Steph. Steph you made history my dude. Stay focused block out the noise. I quote u daily that phrase. Watching you play way back was great. This one has gotten me super motivated. Thank you Goat Please pass through Toronto soon. You Rock….Klay you good too. Congrats to all.

  10. Thats the league making sure their revenue keeps coming in by hyping up steph and these warriors with this weak three point shooting game. This league is for the tik tok kids of today and is slowly removing the old school play defense play hard type of fans. All this stuff getting weak. Glorifying and rewarding showboating on a team with so much help surrounding you in comparison to other players that had to win at this level. Little to no adversity to win for warriors but greatness is what you do when facing adversity…raptors series and cavs series.. Thats what they do when they really face adversity. Dont let this cake walk finals give you amnesia. They needed KD to beat lebron and couldnt beat raptors with just kawhi. They beat a round boston team that gotta adapt to playing through not having calls go your way but i understood their frustration seeing the challenge they had to overcome to win. They had to beat their selves, the warriors, and the refs. Hard to compete with them when draymond slapping tatum in the face and poking him in the eye while the ref calls a foul on tatum for getting slapped and poked in his eye. Straight facts i swear to god. I watched the games. But some will just say " they turned it over" like yeah no s*** they turned it over. They getting punched in the face damn near tryna drive the ball to the basket getting no calls. Lmao turnovers they say. Man.. The elites made the warriors movie for this year. What a script. You elites deserver a round of applause for this non competitive finals. That was so exciting to watch. I was on the edge of my seat and didnt know who would win 😐


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