48 thoughts on “NBA "No Mercy!" MOMENTS

  1. 🚨Trigger Warning🚨

    0:00 Name a more explosive point guard. I’ll wait.
    0:22 Poor Porzingis
    1:07 Is this your king?
    1:55 C’mon Porzingis damn bro.
    2:09 Move Lopez 🙄
    2:48 My poor Rockets I hate it here 😭
    3:03 What you THINK you’re doing on 2k 🚮
    3:30 Yeah I guess he is.
    3:44 These announcers be high af I’m tryna tell you
    5:50 Dr. Gero’s greatest work

  2. Hi. I like your channel and I'm wondering how can I get a license from the NBA to publish their video material with monetization. Thanks in advance for your reply!

  3. Lebron has been in the league so long, he just stares at you like an angry dad whenever he dunks on your head

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