31 thoughts on “FULL HD | PHILIPPINES – VIETNAM | Women's Volleyball – SEA Games 31

  1. Here's another heart breaking game of Philippines women's volleyball team. Only the team can create their play to win. They are experience as much as they other team. They've been playing together now for many years..They should well experience now.. Lost again . I am a very poor loser, yes you cannot win all the time, but this Philippines women's volleyball team, is a losing streak , 2018 no Asian country they
    Won yet.they come so close but yet to far. Good luck Philippines women's volleyball team

  2. kung ang pinaglaro dito sina Belen, Gagate, Solomon, Lamina, Sheena Toring, Lacsina, Nisperos, Robles, Hernandez, Eya Laure, Sharma at Malaluan. Lamina as Setter, Nierva as Libero. kayang kaya nilang tapatan mga tiyahen nila sa Vietnam haha. Mga tiyahen ng Pinas kalat kalat parang nasa fashion show ang bagal maglaro except I like Tolentino , Paat and Jaja sana to stay.

  3. I don't like having to look at things that aren't fair. Although the Vietnamese team is not in the top rankings​ But you have no right to take advantage of a single player.​

  4. Why is he playing with girls? Does he have a uterus? Is he menstruating? Just think that the woman in the ID card is a woman, will he or she be a woman? why not check

  5. i don't like vietnam Use male players to join the female team. Embarrassing in all scores of Vietnam​ It's not fair with every team that Vietnam plays.

  6. Trong bóng chuyền lôi chơi như học thuộc lòng HLV không óc từ duy chiến thuật lôi mon tu duy thể hiện ở VĐV trên sân ta không hỏi thăm người Thái cách họ cầu thủ lôi chơi kém sáng tạo kĩ năng CT không đạt yêu cầu tối thiểu trong bóng chuyền hiện đại khi thì đấu ssdiem 4 đp17 trong trận VN thai lan HLV đang làm gì ngoài sân

  7. Sorry KAKAMPINKS, tulad ni LUGAW ay TALO rin kayo kahit na si KARCH KIRALY ang kunin nyong Coach. dapat isauli nyo yong pamasahe, allowance at kinakain nyo doon sa BRAZIL🤣😅😂

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