39 thoughts on “Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors Full Game 5 Highlights 4th QTR | June 13 | 2022 NBA Finals

  1. Golden Sate Warriors cannot rely solely on Curry and Thompson's output to win this championship. Wiggins and Poole must produce significant numbers as well.

  2. This game is crazy. Curry getting duobled, trippled and sometimes quadrupled team. I cant remember a player who got that much attention. Celtics choose another poison today guarding curry well and im glad the other warriors showed up!

  3. They try to lock down curry, but leave draymon, Poole, Thompson, payton, and Wiggins free.
    Hehe klay will rain 3's on game 6.
    Good bye boston, see you next season.

  4. Congratulations Dubs! We need to 🔒🏆. Curry missed some 3s. Celtics made 31 FT and luckily 21 just in. Thanks Dub Nation 💪🏾 Wigs, GP2 and the rest of the Team. When Celtics fan said the Warriors has 0% to win this series my answer would be the ball still moving.

  5. here we come again the reason why mavs lost because of referee and flopp and too much physical hahaha what atrash draymond and payton even anouncer said dirty team after green foul out hahaha fucking trash team

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