46 thoughts on “IND vs. AUS – Full Match | AVC Men's Tokyo Volleyball Qualification 2020

  1. Vollyball is love..those spikes,those blocks,those settings,those jump serves,those vertical jumps,those counters are all treat to watch..as i do play a little bit of volleyball in locality i can feel the adrenaline rush whenever i see videos of such great players of all countries..really i dont know why our government is not backing our Indian volleyball much more where it is another exiting game as it is cricket or football..i personally went for many tournaments,irregularly though still manages time to visit atleast once in the kolkata maidan ground during seasons i knew that there is so much talents in our country not only in boys but also in girls..if our government back our players good then it will not take India to again become a powerhouse in world volleyball like brazil or japan..

  2. There is a lot of lack of techniques in any Indian sport. That's the reason why they are very much at the bottom in any international games and sports. Very easy team for Australia 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  3. India is a one-game country they can play only cricket but not the best, a game of less challenge and competition that is why India is interested in cricket, not like other games played worldwide like Volleyball and Football and so on. Cricket is played by only Commonwealth nations ruled by British Empires. What a shame for a big country like India.

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