26 thoughts on “NBA Gametime reacts to PJ Tucker is finalizing a 3-year, $33.2M fully guaranteed deal with the 76ers

  1. As a HEAT fan I am shell shocked. Sixers are going to be lethal next year. Tuck was to quote Pat Riley the "cornerstone" of our defense. That corner 3 pointer is a beauty to watch. James Harden better come to play next year. Competition will be the winner of all this.

  2. $100 million a year is insane. I think the old school players are shaking their heads. Back then 10 million was a big deal

  3. 8:04 This move should be questioned because PJ Tucker is a finishing piece. Embiid's Sixers have never advanced past the 2nd round, they aren't close to finishing anything.

  4. I haven’t heard him speak that much, but the black dude in the blue suit knows what he’s talking about, I could listen to reporting like his all day long.

  5. KD wants to go play for the sixers. He wants to play with Joel Embiid. He never had a problem with James harden. The nets organization was always the problem

  6. This deal makesssss nooo sense they already a top defensive team THEY NEED SCORES 🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷

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