41 thoughts on “I Challenged My Best Friend To A $1K Golf Match

  1. Joseph needs a few putting lessons… sorry to say he is a Terrible putter. But I love watching you guys. Your friendship and camaraderie is awesome

  2. I could see them being total degens and they already bet like $1,000 every game but this is the first time they put it in the video hahahah

  3. I'm 33 a skateboarder car enthusiast BMXer snowboarder motorcycle enthusiast. never never liked golf .came across your channel and all I can say is Bobby fairway and Joey cold cuts are just very entertaining. I've never sat down and watched any golf and I have watched several of your guys's episodes .you too are just hilarious. keep up the good work. wanna see more of you to love it . together

  4. You guys are the best because of your show I picked up my sticks and started hacking again let's just say you guys motivated me with watching you guys enjoy life thank you

  5. Wondering why bob got strokes on individual holes. PS I'm loving binging your guys channel. Love the relationship and all the banter on the course. Great entertainment

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