43 thoughts on “NBA Gametime crew react Durant requests trade from Nets; Suns & Heat preferred destinations

  1. Miami, INJURED, took Boston to seven games… All KD would have to do in Miami is get buckets.

    And, I know it will never happen but, KD returning home to play with Beale and the Wizards is my Hope. DC would LOVE him and he'd own the city and instantly turn DC into a basketball town, which is damn near impossible. The Nats and Caps both won championships and can't touch the Commanders. Durant to the Wizards would be a fan frenzy and would probably be more impactful on the court than most can imagine. 🤞🏿 But, like I said, sadly it'll never happen.

    Miami is where he should go, in my opinion.

    ……or Memphis.

  2. thank you KD for the chips in the Bay but u look like a goofy bruh requesting to contenders again then leave to start your own franchise lol 😂 u want top dollar and make teams top heavy with no bench to pay you but good luck lakes if it happens will be waiting in the WCF for yall

  3. Kirie is a proven premadonna !!! There is static and turmoil everywhere he goes. One of the Best in the league but too self centered to help any team.


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  6. KD the thin man is now the running man. He is all about chasing the chip. He was at OKC that lost to Golden State and he joins them and then when he felt disrespected by management and Draymond he wanted out. He is not a top 10 player of all time. He is chasing options to get a championship. He is not a leader. With the Nets he had the chance but Kyrie threw a monkey wrench in the whole program

  7. What about the Thunder? They could trade mostly draft picks, and still have enough to go out and bring in another star and have enough young talented players to compete for a chip.

  8. KD and Kyrie just realized they work for a Chinese billionaire that supports a totalitarian government in China and all of a sudden they remembered they are “social justice champions” that are not supposed to support that. But they did use the man money to leverage their personal wealth before they do their “social deeds”.

  9. Man, this is so wrong. Great for Internet and sports news outlets but for the league moving forward, and specially pro sports management philosophy, this is so wrong. A great management case study moving forward.

  10. It is mind boggling that a contract has no weight anymore. These guys are so immature, with little to no integrity. You are getting $30m+ a year, and rather than play your contract out, you whine, pout, feign injuries, or as with Kyrie, just not turn up. I am all for player power, but they have taken it a bit too far.

  11. Sun needs someone who can score 20 or 25 per game well be awesome
    Only booke score 20 or over per game with out him nobody on Sun can score more than 20 every game

  12. I get it, KD is a great talent. but if I am an owner of a team, I wont gut my team who is already good (in this case, Heat and Suns) to welcome a talent and try to build around him. It would work on some small teams in rebuilding process like Knicks but Heat and Suns? Man, KD is delusional, and he's not efen a Free Agent. The fucking audacity.

  13. This is what happens when you enable and coddle bull crap. I'm a firm believer of not giving all your assets for short term gain.

    The Nets have done a Nets again nearly ten years later.

  14. If I’m the Nets, I don’t do the deal with The Suns without Booker in the package.
    Not doing the deal with The Heat without Butler in the deal.
    The Pelicans deal is the way.

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