31 thoughts on “This is The Reason Why We Love India National Volleyball Team !!!

  1. why our indian team is so weak in volleyball, look at them they are playing less and jerking more, guys why you have zero team work, and that skinny guy name ajit looking like he just came out of famine and doesn’t have enough money to buy food, guys look at any player from top teams , is there any other player like him , someone teach him that not only jump jump will win you the match, taylor sander is your dad ajit , Watch and learn from these perfect players TAYLOR SANDER, IVAN ZAYTSEV, MIKHAYLOV, KLUIKA, LEON, WLAZLY, N’GPAETH, SOKOLOV, KUREK, MATT ANDERSON, GEORG GROZER, VETTORI, these are some players with whom you guys never compete in your life, One and only greg grozer is enough for six of you dancers, just look at him on you tube , you can’t even touch his spike.🤦🏻

  2. Volleyball is really underrated like many other sports ⚽🏀🏈⚾ … You can't ignore such wonderful sports cuz cricket gets more attention in India 🇮🇳

  3. Put some money and promote indian volleyball. We have all we need to become world Champions. Iam sad that India is giving very minimum to our players.

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