33 thoughts on “I PASSED the MOST BRUTAL Golf Challenge ON THE INTERNET?!

  1. Watched you do 130 push-ups. So I decided to do 130 myself while I watched Ian and Mac play a match. Push ups are hard for us large fellas. But you seem to be looking slimmer these days Big AL.

  2. The best one yet man. Shoulda negotiated 350, I think you would have caught a few in a row and kept the push ups off and gotten into a rhythm. ChALlenge 2.0???

  3. What a Great idea/chAl’enge. Maybe we should AL try this at driving range. Set a distance that you can’t go less than with any club at max distance. We would AL become beasts in no time. I’m going to try this or crack another beer? 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Very impressive! Probably won't see u again until Christmas! Next time more realistic. Make it 350. And 5 sit-ups. 😓

  5. That was the greatest challenge ever. I would like to see James Robinson, Peter Finch or Rick Shields do this challenge. I think you started something. 👏

  6. That song…really makes me want to go hit golf balls at the neighbors house at 10:45 at night. They live 300+ yards away. If I hear their dog going crazy…I know I'm close. LOL.

  7. It was a courageous effort, but as soon as you missed early I knew it was going to be about the pushups. Congrats for not quitting

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