34 thoughts on “France 🆚 Japan – Full Match | Men’s Volleyball Nations League 2019

  1. 🇯🇵バレーボールvolleyball🏐、nations league国別対抗戦🇯🇵日本と🇫🇷フランスとの試合。match. replay. japanmember 柳田さん、山内さん、高野さん、素晴らしい活躍。🇫🇷france patry. brizado. volleyball🏐player.

  2. 🇯🇵バレーボールvolleyball🏐、19年world cup yuki ishikawa and japan team in japan. japan and france match. 🇯🇵と🇫🇷との試合。Bonjuruこんにちは、20年東京オリンピックOlympicでa Bien tot. また会いましょう。🇯🇵japanteam石川祐希さん、西田有志さん、関田さん、小野寺大志さん。🏐france team bravo.🇫🇷も素晴らしいteamチーム。

  3. As you can see, France is a poor country which doesn't know very old FIVB rules, they might not have referees like poor countries… FIVB rules 2 precise rules for screening : 12.5.1 The players of the serving team must not prevent their opponent,

    through individual or collective screening, from seeing the service hit

    and the "ight path of the ball.


    12.5.2 A player or a group of players of the serving team make(s) a screen by

    waving arms, jumping or moving sideways during the execution of the

    service, or by standing grouped, in order that both the service hit and

    the "ight path of the ball are hidden until the ball reaches the vertical

    plane of the net. Should either be visible to the receiving team this is

    not a screen.

  4. Team France's blocking was phenomenal during the last set (7 blocks).
    France vs Japan offers a lot of high quality rallies , the fact that these 2 teams excel at defense and are not very tall overall (compared to the likes of USA , Poland , Russia , Brazil , Italy at least) helps for this.

    But in the end , France is still better than Japan (and even without Clevenot and Ngapeth).

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