26 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics Game 1 Full Highlights | 2022 NBA Finals | FreeDawkins

  1. Ordered a jersey from Jersey Deluxe two weeks ago using your promo code, still not arrived or received any additional contact since initial order. Company email doesn’t work, order no longer showing on initial link received, but money still taken; looks like a scam

  2. As a GSW I knew that this final with the Celtics was not gonna be easy. The whole team can defend like crazy n can also choke opponents out on offense. One down

  3. FUCKING BORING!!!!! They should call it 3points Finals…….how I miss '90/2000 NBA….. where r the players? Where is the game? Where r the feelings? No one talk me about "new" era of basketball…. that s just a shame….I m an openmind person who look always to new ways to change things in general, but this is the most boring final ever!!!!

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