21 thoughts on “Difference between 70 80 90 Golf – Low Mid High Handicap Comparison

  1. Right from the start you hit on an important point – play from the correct tees. I'm a scratch golfer, but I still don't play from the tips. My scoring comes from consistency, and a good short game, but I am older and have lost a lot of length. So I don't torture myself by playing at 7000+ yards. I try to stick to the 6600 to 6800 markers. More often than not, when I get paired with someone I don't know they insist on playing the same tees when clearly they should move up because each hole is a double bogey or worse. Whenever I have suggested moving up to a different tee, I get the requisite stink eye and the excuse of "I'm just having a bad day." Perhaps. But golf is supposed to be fun. It is hard enough, so why make it worse. Move up. Score better. Have more fun. Work to improve and then move back if you feel ready. If I'm playing with three guys who want to play the middle tees, I'll play with them. And you know what. I have a ton of fun. And that is the goal.

  2. imho Bdog would see vast improvement from working on and fixing his alignment. his feet were consistently closed, while his shoulders were consistently open. conflict between the intended shot path and the bodys aiming is detrimental. your mind will attempt to correct for bad aim, usually through the hands. work with an alignment stick, and learning how to use your peripheral vision to check your shoulder alignment will lead to more consistency ,and control.

  3. That course looks v inviting…huge, open fairways….my course has trees and water everywhere so maybe it’ll help me play better as wayward shots are punished severely!

  4. Who do you believe has known more about the golf swing than any other teacher in the game's long illustrious history ?

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