34 thoughts on “KD responds to legacy slander after Warriors win NBA title | Chris Broussard reacts

  1. Is anyone taking into consideration:

    1) The Nets are an atrocious organization.

    2) KD left GS with a MAJOR injury. His numbers are equally effective.

    I only see one difference.

  2. Kevin Durant traded in a low maintenance Steph w/The 3 Package for a Kyrie with a bunch of recalls and a constant check engine light.😂
    Don’t get me wrong, the Kyrie is nice but… 😏

  3. Steph is the greatest shooter of all time and has revolutionized the game. That being said his career and Brons will always be on different ends of the goat spectrum. These analyst really need to stop trying to insert Bron into every take.

  4. This is silly. Steph Curry is nowhere near the player Kevin Durant is…not even close. GSW is a great TEAM…Steph steals some greatness from how underrated Klay and Draymond are absolute brainiacs in the game.

  5. Chris is a real clown for that last statement: them winning this yr proves they didn't need him for those chips…I didn't know GS just beat those same Cavs team, I thought they played Boston..WTF you talking about Chris?? Worse take ever if we gonna be real.

  6. Well if sports fans and analysts around the world celebrate and call LeBron the goat for being swept out of playoffs multiple times and joining super teams to get his rings then it's literally retarded to diss kd for the same thing thier careers are the same

  7. I would say that most of this was right, right up until the end about this GS win meaning that they never needed KD. That 2017 Cavs team was clearly better than the 2016 Cavs team that they lost to and would have almost certainly won back-to-back titles had they not acquired KD.

    There is a vast difference between beating the 2022 Celtics and beating the 2014-17 LeBron/Kyrie led Cavs.

  8. Gs didn't need kd to win this year because GS wasn't playing against a lebron led team. It was always GS vs Cavs that GS needed KD. Not for Memphis, or Boston. Just like lebron didn't need kyrie for the bubble because there was no GS that year and NO KD.

  9. The Warriors winning this championship brings a whole new reality to Draymond telling KD we don’t need you we won without you so go ahead and leave bitch.lol he meant it and he was absolutely right.

  10. First of all, kelvin won't need to felt some type of way cause worrior settle NBA to win that cup as we all knew. Worrior did not play any great team until celtics got hurt cause of so many game. Miami heat could had woop golden state so easy

  11. The facts , curry got 1 finals mvp out of 4 , asterisk, iggy get a finals mvp before curry ,asterisk, only team to allow a team to come back from 3 -1 deficit n win ,asterisk, n now u beat a Boston team who average 16plus turnovers n I hear all this blasphemy 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

  12. he needed KD to beat Lebron stfu he was 1-1 against them & here comes the health bs it sucks injuries happen but in the end there is only 1 champion …so who knows?

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