27 thoughts on “🇧🇬 BUL vs. 🇯🇵 JPN – Highlights Week 2 | Women's VNL 2022

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  2. There are teams which are good at attacking like Turkey or Brazil, other teams which are good at defending like Thailand, but Japan has the whole package

  3. IF anyone is wondering what was the referee call at @8:01 match point, it was because Bulgarian Libero #15 handset the ball in front of the 10ft line and Bulgarian #5 jumped and hit the ball. It's illegal in volleyball if Libero handset in front of the 10ft line and a hitter jump and hit the ball. That's why libero only armset in front of the 10ft line or handset behind the 10ft line. If Libero jumps at the 10ft line and handset in front of the 10ft while in the air, it's legal. Referee call is correct and fast thinking. Even though the Bulgarian team thought that Referee called a double touch on the set, it was really because of the Libero's position in front of the 10ft and handsetting. Also, it COULD be a double touch on the set from the Libero as well since the Referee Call it a double. It could go both ways. IN the end, it's up the referee's judgment on the double, but the concrete illegal position of the Libero is also an unforced error.

  4. The skill of calculating the falling point of the ball in the Japanese girls team Incredible They were able to approach the ball unbelievably. causing the ball to fall to the ground It's very difficult. No matter which direction the ball comes, see that every volleyball player You must learn and add this skill to your daily practice. Accurate predictions and fast moving.

  5. I always love and support Team Japan from Thailand ! JP-TH friends forever ! Bulgaria played very very well. Respect you, Team Bulgaria. I hope Team Bulgaria will get stronger and stronger to defeat Team Thailand soon.

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  7. Manabe has change the game style of Japan. Knowing that on average his players have heights lower compared to many teams. Hence he put in the right setter. Seki was fast, reliable and creative. She change the tempo of Japan atrackung style. You can see the amount of OH especially Capt Koga success spikes. When defense, there are 6 liberos. Keep seki there in game as priority setter

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