46 thoughts on “Final 2:46 WILD ENDING Celtics vs Heat ECF Game 7 🔥🔥

  1. Lmao I love when the 8 Celtics deep bench players celebrate like crazy when they just played a total of 5 mins in the series. I want their job 😂😂😂

  2. Spoelstra is an elite coach just for getting this to a 6th game, let alone one shot from winning it. From a talent perspective, the Heat had no business being in this series.

  3. Miami by far has the worst fans in the nba. With over 2 minutes to go and it being a single digit deficit, people are already leaving.

  4. Celtics 98 Heat 87 2:46 remaining
    Miami Heat 9-0 run

    00:02 Max Strus tip-dunk
    Celtics 98 Heat 89

    1:44 Victor Oladipo lay-up
    Celtics 98 Heat 91

    2:08 Kyle Lowery lay-up
    Celtics 98 Heat 93

    2:36 Max Strus 3 pointer
    Celtics 98 Heat 96

    3:05 Jimmy Butler missed 3 pointer
    Celtics 98 Heat 96

  5. Marcus Smart almost cost the Cs game 7 or the whole series against Miami. Why he kept shooting in the end instead of running the clock down when you're ahead by 10 pts?

  6. Bro Jimmy always doing the same shit. He did this with the 76ers, we lost a game cause he tried to shoot a 3 when all we needed was a 2 or a foul. He still carried tho better luck next year I guess

  7. Celtics had 43 more free Throws Attempts through out the whole series ..mind you they’re mostly a jump shooting team , also nba decided to take back a struss 3 pointer that would’ve changed everything this last game … hmmm I’m sure lakers vs heat finals poor ratings that bubble year had nothing to do with all this BS . Celtics are good young team and their two best defenders were hurt through out this series but still the heat are older and were even more hurt and were a 3 point away from still winning .. hats off to my team . Celtics are media and ESPN darlings .. smart defender of the year ?!? He’s not even their best defender, Jimmy dogged him and all his buddies.

  8. I know they took the L but this last ditch run just made me love being a Miami Heat fan even more. GGs to the Celtics though

  9. Not mad at the Jimmy 3 pointer, because if that goes in and the Celtics don't score, all of social media and the talk shows are talking about how Jimmy "is a bonafide SUPERSTAR in the clutch". Plus if he would've passed the ball the Celtics would've been able to set their defense and have a better chance at getting the stop.

    Miami lost this game, IMO, when they got off to yet ANOTHER miserable start where they only scored 1 single point in the first four minutes. You can't play like that against the Celtics and have to play the entire rest of the game trying to claw back into it.

  10. Celtic needs to keep these guys and not make trades for a while I think this is a special team.

  11. Celtics need to learn how to finish, and that's on the coaching. Udoku changed the defensive mindset midseason and the players respond to him. But Stevens was more valuable in practical game scenarios. If Udoku can coach better at the end of games, this team will have a chance to win in the Finals and future years.

  12. im watching from heaven, cheering celts on, i died when jimmy butler took the 3. tatum texted me a few mins ago, told me "i got you" in the finals, celts beat warriors.

  13. Excuse Machine:
    1. KD and Kyrie clearly front runner dudes.
    2. Milwaukee was without their 2nd best option.
    3. The Heat was at best a 4th seed.

  14. J Butler should have driven hard to the basket. Higher percentage is the best option in crunch, in the final 20 seconds. Just my humble opinion. Chances are he gets fouled and made a great basket. 😊

  15. Butler showed bad IQ in the last seconds of the game could've held the ball a little longer and made a better shot still had 17 seconds left

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