41 thoughts on “🔴LIVE: Indonesia – Cambodia l Men's Volleyball – SEA Games 31

  1. cambodia, performed quite extraordinary.👍 very deserving of a bronze medal. We hope Cambodia can come back stronger again. greetings from indo

  2. Selebrasi nya terlalu tinggi sampai lupa lawannya Indonesia…😅😅😅
    Terimakasih Indonesia….
    Saya bersyukur bisa tinggal di Indonesia..
    Selamat pada pemain Indonesia
    Dan juara volley ball putra👏👏👏👏

  3. This game looks like a kids playing a ball… So easy… The level on this game is so far away just like all universe vs nothing

  4. រក្សាស្មារតីកម្ពុជា👍 ស្រលាញ់ពីប្រទេសឥណ្ឌូនេស៊ី 🙏

  5. our warm regards and respect from Indonesia to our brother of Camboja … Indonesian face nearly the same with Cambodian face… its hard to distinguish…

  6. A few years ago ( — or a few decades ago — ) I was enthusiastic about watching South-East Asian ( S.E.A ) Games / Olympic ( — on T.V. — ), but nowadays / lately, I'm no longer enthusiastic about watching SEA Games, because these days / because over the past few years EVERY COUNTRY which became the host always became overall winner ( every host country's athletes always got the most gold medal ) ( — "predictable" — ).

    I still doubt quality / credibility / objectivity / fairness of referee / umpire / jury / "linesman", especially to "unmeasureable" types-of-sport ( — debatable — ) such as rhythmic / artistic swimming, artistic / hip hop dance, rhythmic / artistic gymnastic, floor gymnastic, several kinds of gymnastic, body building, "wushu", boxing, kickboxing, "muay thai", karate, "taekwondo", "kempo", "pencak silat", "jujitsu", judo, wrestling, surfing, diving, skydiving, paragliding, … etc.

    I also still doubt security and hotel-and-service quality for athletes, officials / officers, referees / umpires / juries, press / journalists, especially for those who come from non-host countries.

  7. whoa… cambodia is better than last SEA games… keep it up cambodia… your progress is amazing

    Anyway… don't get too excited when you make a point…. keep slow… and celebrate as normal as usual….
    don't like vietnam… who celebrate it with rude attention

  8. Kasihan no. 6 baru main udah diganti. Salut buat pelatih nya yang cerdas merombak pemain dengan baik. Great job Indonesian team.. 👏👏👏 😍😍😍

  9. just wondering what is the meaning of that girl sounds in that stadium???? she is describe the match or she is describe something else?

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