29 thoughts on “2022 U.S. Women's Open Highlights: Round 4, Late

  1. Us women's open … I've seen Korn ferry events with with larger crowds.
    Love to see the women's top 10 take on the men's top 10 in the world on a mashie course where power doesn't matter

  2. she's one of my favs but i am suspect of the yardages they show. No 17 was 434 yards and they said she had 130 in, 300 yard drive?? On 18 it is 422 yds and she had 107 yds in. again 300 yds? don't think so

  3. Congratulations to Minjee & Mina 👏 both hv played well under pressure — the former tried maintain lead into the final hole & the latter pushed to close the gap!

  4. The course is not easy but the girls easy555 something I have to deal with everyday the yound ladies make it look easy if I got out there take me all weekend to do one round. Congratualions to Minjee Lee its her time at the moment congratulations to all. Sawadee Khap.🤠

  5. Almost all putts = making no effort to provide exciting highlights for LPGA. Can we at least get some decent tee shots? They don't need to drive 300 yards for a shot off the tee to look good.

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