35 thoughts on “English premiership match abandoned after protests erupt among football fans

  1. For those in Australia . Love em or hate them Go anywhere on this planet your always have somebody mention Man United. One things for sure it's not just about football in the uk . It's about the British way of life again love it or hate it being eroded away from the average working family . I dont know what's it's like in Aussie but every where we go it's you cant do this, you need to remove that part of history , its offensive ect ect . Enough is enough . And the Man United Demo and various other fans from other clubs is another example of the disillusion in the game or business and the way things are in general. Football in the uk like Cricket, Rugby in Australia plays a big part in people,s. lives , but for many it's been taken over by the prawn sandwich brigade who haven't a clue about the historical back ground to the game or club or its various community's involved and that includes the citys towns and villages of this world .

  2. I am glad they protested but I do not accept the violence and the serious injury that one police officer received. I am a United fan myself but fuck me man. Protest get on to the pitch but do not throw bottles at the police

  3. Glazers spent 1billion pounds ….utd fans not happy and don't like the fact the real team in Manchester have over took them winning trophy after trophy
    That is the only reason the protest is about nothing to do with their owners …..utd have spent loads and broke transfer records ….for the last 30 years so karma has visited them ….goodnight!

  4. Went to a local game in mazarron Spain about 5 years ago. Semi pro Murcia region league. Team they played rocks up with about 4-500 ultrasound all with banners about kicking money and vultures out of football. Money has brought some good no doubt but a lot of wrong and ripped the heart and soul out of the game. And skyward part of the problem too.

  5. Football needs to get back to it's roots. Big money buyers have ruined the game. Pre Madonna players who get paid way to much for kicking a bag of air around a field and then have the nerve to think they can preach to the rest of us needs to end also. Just play the game you get way over paid for and keep you're warped opinions to yourselfs.

  6. It's pretty hard to get into a football stadium , security gates , police and security staff present ? ??? ? Someone let them in , I think this get as much chaos in the country has gone too far , the British government has been compromised , would anyone even leave Boris in charge of watching an egg boil , he can't even brush his hair.

  7. This is the result of neglectful ownership. People dont protest because they want things the way they are. You are supposed to be angry and hurt. This is the point of a protest so good job if you are upset. Glad you can finally listen to what the fans want. #Glazers_Out

  8. The FA have to punish Manchester United or the FA must be disbanded. This is most disgusting side of football. Football is a loss making business in the Premier League apart from Chelsea and Man City who’s owners have extremely deep pockets. At a minimum Manchester United should forfeit the game and Liverpool given 3 points. The fans should not be allowed in for a minimum of 3 matches after fans are fully 100% allowed in to all grounds. Sky should also be banned from showing matches for a period of time for in-sighting hatred. What happened to the police officer is unforgivable and all the fans (which were mainly intoxicated with drink and drugs) protesting should be located and given life time bans from any football ground. The machete attack injuries to the officer are life changing. Sky and Man Utd should each pay out 1 million to each injured officer. Sky and others who orchestrated the the previous breakup of the leagues for money should hold their head in shame

  9. These young men get locked up for a year and controlled, government has channeled their anger at this to release pressure. Bread and circus, devide and conquer, silence dissent ect ect nothing new, still as effective as ever.

  10. Souness can shut his mouth we was saying glazers out since 2005 when we was winning everything no one listen to that idiot hes a Liverpool legend who hates united just saying so Australians know

  11. Of all people Graeme Souness thinks he has a right to speak on behalf of all those fans? And the idiot makes the point that United are no longer top dogs… yes Graeme, that's because of a lack of investment and starving the club from the current owners is why they did what they did. Idiot.

  12. Sourness is a prick utd fans can deal with not being top dogs as long as our team is attacking and exiting he doesn't understand that's why mourhino van gaal and moyes was sacked

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