29 thoughts on “The hybrid that hit the '2nd greatest golf shot on YouTube'.

  1. My favorite club is my Mizuno CLK20 16-degree 2-Hybrid that I play open 1-click at 15 degrees with the Tensei White TX Flex 94-gram shaft. I'm 52 yrs old, a 6-handicap, and this club makes me feel I can hit shots that I see on Tour – a bullet flat, low-mid flight, that carries 230-yards and runs out to 250 – and I can hit this shot repeatedly, over and over – it is so consistent. I've had multiple people at the range come up to me and comment that they have never seen someone hit so many exactly the same incredible shots and ask about the club.

  2. GM Golf, Grant Horvat and Good Good are by far and away the hottest YouTube guys /channels. So good to see a quality brand like Mizuno linked to them. Nothing feels like a Mizuno!

  3. Watching @gm__golf got me to do my first professional fitting which led me to ordering a full set of Mizuno Pro 225 irons and T-22 wedges. Can't wait to play a round with them! Big congrats to Garret!

  4. Garret is a beast. And one of the greatest things to happen to golf! He has got me into golf and helped me out so much through good good and good good labs. He’s a true embodiment of golf.

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