37 thoughts on “We Played A 2v2v2 Scramble On A $400 Budget | Pro Shop Golf Challenge

  1. That Titleist 975 Ti driver was a beast. It was Tiger's driver in 1998-2000 time frame. Looks like it has the GrafAlloy shaft also. $500 back in the day., I played that driver back then as well. Good content guys.

  2. I just started golfing and I love y’all’s Chanel by any chance could I guys throw like a quick couple tips to hitting cause I can’t seem to not splice it

  3. $400 is way too high of a budget, makes it too easy to practically get a full set. Should be more of a challenge trying to figure out what few clubs to get

  4. i love that i’ve watched these guys all the way from the og sunflower hill days, just absolutely amazing how far they have came

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