28 thoughts on “Round 1 Highlights | United States Women's Disc Golf Championships

  1. Love the highlights, just wish they wouldn't always end these highlight videos so abruptly with just cutting off in the middle of the post round commentary.
    It's like the editor just got tired at the end of editing and said ok that's it I'm done.

  2. It's so great to see such tight competition in women's disc golf. New faces, champions, and championship quality disc golf from everyone. I'm so happy to see how far this sport has come.

  3. The LIV golf streams show both yards and meters together for hole distances. Will the DGN please show both feet and meters together on the hole graphics.

  4. Catrina's slip at 1:18 is why I don't throw backhand for power anymore. An individual less capable of balance through a slip would have blown their left kneecap out like I did 5 years ago

  5. It seemed like it wasn't that long ago that it was Pierce and Allen at the top of every event. Now you've got so many more women playing great.

  6. Video quality again and again and again. I thought about giving into the 100$ a year but this really doesn’t sell me on it. Sorry. Blurry then clear then blurry then clear.

  7. Seems like all of the highlights video quality is really bad. I noticed this the last three championship on the tour.for a 100$ a year I’m not biting on it.

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