41 thoughts on “Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics Full Game 4 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

  1. What do you expect.
    KD wont win a championship under his leadership.
    He is a 6'10" (2.08m) guy who only could shoot by his height and never do much athleticism.
    Basically he shoots in front of smaller guys from his height advantage.
    Nothing much to see with KD.

    From what i see, he was just lucky joining Warriors under Curry's leadership.

    Anyways…enjoy the rest of the playoffs.


  2. Can we please stop saying KD is the best player now?? I dont understand how KD going to gsw like Jebroni Lames ran to miami to play with recent champions make either of these guys great. Both seem like good fun guys but they both have iso and gimme the ball syndrome. Do yall remember before kyrie or kd got to the nets??? THE NETS WERE ACTUALLY A DECENT TEAM ORIENTED GROUP…BRINGING IN 3 BALL DOMINATE PLAYERS WAS A HORRIBLE DECISION.

  3. I told before. Selfish stars wont make strong & united team. Their teamates cannot play at their best. KD & KI are top stars but not good leaders. They always try to play hard situation and only pass if they got really stuck.

  4. That last Jalen Brown score should have been a double dribble — lost the ball and then got it and dribbled again. But doesn't matter Nets were severely outclassed. I guess they dont need coaching. Lol.

  5. Somehow Kyrie was right by saying…Nets will be playing without a coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this game 4 is the moment of TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. At 15sec left..
    KD did not chase fast Boston for a rebound but rather slowed down at the arc. It was Boston aggressiveness that made the put back..

    KD is a 6'10" that always has the advantage to shoot short and long range. This is what he is capable of….no more no less.

    And at the line with seconds remaining KD shouldnt miss a free throw. But…he did.

    And this is what we call…inconsistency.
    And that is why great players are mold in fans mind with EXPECTATION.


  7. The team needs better defense .. something is missing from the Nets. Tthey need better players around kd and kyrie and a better coach

  8. Celtics are legit contenders and please dont waste my time and comment there not. Sure there are alot of competition but having the best defense and a top 5 offense can get you very far. And we got Robert William's back now, so I have no doubts, and if we lose, it will be a hell of a series. No one can swept us.

  9. When NBA player behaved like a good boy and took the vaccine, but Kyrie did not. NBA decided to make an example of Kyrie and send them home.

  10. Y'all saying that without Curry KD can't have a champ and Kyrie without LeBron can't have too.

    Then what if Curry And LeBron team up together??

  11. They got swept holy f*ck what an upset… or not really since they didn’t really got a well working system established all season long… sad tho

  12. Karma is a bitch. Being arrogant and you get what you deserve. Btw, you can't win a championship in an instant way. No chemistry, no heart, no ring!!

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